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Readathon Read Alouds

In the spirit of Reading Together we asked staff at our schools to record themselves reading a portion of a favorite story.

We hope that you enjoy these Read Alouds from our wonderful staff. We hope you discover some new stories to check out from the library and share with your family!

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George Hall 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Frankel

Wayside School is Falling Down (Ages 7-9)

Louis Sachar (Author), Adam McCauley (Illustrator)

Bayside Academy Kindergarten Teacher Miss Dahl

Peanut Butter and Cupcake (Ages 2-5)

Terry Border (Author, Illustrator)

Bayside Academy 5th Grade Teacher Mark White

Bridge to Terabithia (Age 9+)

Katherine Paterson (Author), Donna Diamond (Illustrator) 

College Park Principal Angienette Estonina

The Earth Book (Ages 2-5)

Todd Parr (Author, Illustrator)

Brewer Island TK Teacher Mr. Brian

Let's Go for a Drive! (Ages 3-6)

Mo Willems (Author, Illustrator)

Meadow Heights Principal Eilers

Tar Beach (Age 6+)

Faith Ringgold (Author, Illustrator)

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