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Middle School Athletics


The San Mateo-Foster City School District values the role athletics can play in a student’s growth and development in middle school. Athletics provide students with opportunities to gain valuable life skills including effort, self-discipline and teamwork.

Student athletes often emerge as role models and leaders due to their special place in representing the students, school, and community.


To continue to provide the quantity and quality of after-school sports that has been offered in years past, the San Mateo-Foster City School District needs a donation of $150 per athlete, per sport. All parent donations are passed through the Education Foundation directly to pay for practices, coaches, referees, facilities, uniforms, athletic directors, and league fees.

Support Athletics

Please make a donation of $150.00 if your student is a participant in Middle School Sports. While your financial assistance is not mandatory, your donation supports the program with quality coaches, referees, facilities, and uniforms. If you are not able to contribute the full ask of $150, please consider donating at any level. Your donation is appreciated. 

Art David Athletic League

Middle School Athletics are organized under league play.

The Art David Athletic League (ADAL) consists of 13 SF Bay Area Peninsula middle schools.

Learn more about ADAL


Athletics Sponsors

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