Middle School Athletics

To continue to provide the quantity and quality of after-school sports that has been offered in years past, the San Mateo-Foster City School District needs a donation of $150 per athlete, per sport. All parent donations are passed through the Education Foundation directly to pay for program costs.

Please help us maintain this invaluable program by donating in support of your student athlete. All proceeds help offset the cost of the Athletics Program.

Photo of middle school basketball team

Registration and Donation Info

Register Online for 6th Grade Basketball

Please make the suggested donation of $150.00 if your student is a participant in Middle School Sports. Your financial assistance is not mandatory and any and all donations are appreciated.

Make Your Donation Online

Together we work to raise $150 per athlete per sport.

Use these download links to get the necessary forms REQUIRED to register your student athletes. Please bring these forms with you to your school's seasonal Sports Night.

Sports Night Forms

Formularios de Noche de Deportes

Community Members

Please consider the following ways you can support the Middle School Athletics Program

  • Ask a friend, neighbor or colleague about giving
  • Sign up at your school's Sports Night to volunteer to help with a fundraiser
  • Find a business sponsor
  • Donate or Sponsor a Student Athlete

Athletics Sponsors