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Why The Need

It has been clearly established that better funded schools give more students pathways to success. Understanding that the schools in our district were not being equally financially supported, the goal of the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation was to secure funding so all the district schools had the money needed to create equal opportunity for students, regardless of where the school was located.

The San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation was founded in 1989 in response to the growing disparity in equity and opportunity within our San Mateo-Foster City School District due in part to decreased state funding caused by the passage of Proposition 13.

Since 1996, our Foundation has continued its mission to identify unmet needs within the district and close the disparity so all the schools in our district excel, as a district, and has granted $more than $7.2 million to the San Mateo-Foster City School District.

Your financial contributions allow the Foundation to bring equity to our schools & help our diverse community of students achieve their full potential by providing them with the well rounded education they deserve.

Ways to Give

Help support the work of your Education Foundation. Donate or sign up to volunteer today! Every dollar donated and minute volunteered counts and will make an impact to our students. 

Learn More

Check these resources for news & information about state & local school district funding

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