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Photo collage of student artwork and music being played

The San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation is proud to support the arts & music in our schools. Our K-5th grade music programs prepare students to continue playing music in both middle school and high school, keeping their music programs strong.

We work to support a well-rounded education for every child in our school district.

Please help us continue to grow and strengthen our arts & music programs by donating to the SMFC Education Foundation.

Music for Minors

Learn more about Music for Minors and get information about supporting the program at your local school.

Music for Minors website

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Music for Minors & 5th Grade Music Program

Logo for Chance to Excel Foundation
Logo for Chance to Excel Foundation

We are so grateful to the Chance To Excel Foundation, First Republic Bank, Michael & Stephanie Moy and generous donations from parents in our district for their longstanding support of our 5th Grade Instrumental Music Program and their help in expanding our Music for Minors program throughout the San Mateo-Foster City School District.

"Our 5th grade music program gives students the opportunity to make music come alive. Three of our students played their instrument in the Talent Show because they were so proud to share what they had learned. Then at the music performance all of our students continued playing their instruments well after it was over. It has become a passion for our students which has opened up so many doors."

- Cristina Haley
San Mateo Park Elementary School

Art In Action : Lead Elementary

Logo for Chance to Excel Foundation

Through our valued partnership with the Chance To Excel Foundation, the Education Foundation was once able to fully fund the Art-in-Action Program at Lead Elementary School.

Check out the Art In Action program at your local school and get involved in this essential aspect of your child's education.

Learn more about Art In Action on their website.