Project Inspiration
The SMFC Ed Foundation believes every child deserves the best education possible.

The San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation is poised to embark on a larger vision for our organization and the students we serve.

Project Inspiration is our new 3 year, $5,000,000 initiative intended to set the stage for advancing Academic Leadership, Health & Safety, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math).

We are focused on bringing 25 partners into a collaborative venture addressing equity and opportunity in our district.

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Logo for Gilead Sciences

A generous grant from Gilead Sciences is allowing us to address health & safety issues caused by the pandemic as well as embark on a three-year academic leadership initiative to strengthen science education for all 11,000 District students.

We are grateful to Gilead Sciences for being a valued partner in our local community.

Health & Safety

Hands Free Temperature Scanners

We purchased 35 autonomous thermal scanner units which are now in use at our 21 school sites and district facilities. The thermal scanners will allow all school district sites to comply with mandated temperature monitoring, while maintaining social distancing requirements, and zero contact.

The autonomous scanners will improve the safety of our campuses and give staff and families a sense of security as schools reopen.

Academic Leadership

Teacher on Special Assignment (ToSA)

We are funding a three year position for a Science Teacher on Special Assignment.

As defined by the school district, a ToSA is a leadership position filled by experienced teachers who have demonstrated expertise in accelerating the performance of their students in their given content area.

This ToSA will provide consistent expertise for training elementary and middle school teachers to meet the needs of struggling students and widen our reach to all.

Logo for California Water Services Company

Cal Water Service has joined our Project Inspiration initiative as a strategic partner with their generous grant of $6,550.

Thank you Cal Water Service for becoming a strategic partner and caring about the health and safety of our learning community.

Health & Safety

HEPA Filters

We graciously accepted the $6,550 to supplement the San Mateo-Foster City School District's funding of HEPA filter units in all classrooms needing improved air purification in January, 2021.

HEPA filter units are currently being used to facilitate the purifying of the air in the classrooms. These units will help reduce exposure to possible viruses, keeping students, teachers, staff & parent volunteers healthy.

Logo for Woodlawn Foundation

Woodlawn Foundation has joined our initiative as a strategic partner with their generous grant in support of Arts Education.

Thank you Woodlawn Foundation for your long standing commitment as a strategic partner and valuing Arts education for our learning community!


Arts Education

We are proud to announce that Woodlawn Foundation has granted the Education Foundation with $20,000 which will allow us to increase Arts funding in our schools.

As a valued long standing partner, Woodlawn Foundation's support is invaluable as we work to include our larger community in addressing equity and opportunity in our district.

Logo for City of Foster City

Big thanks to the City of Foster City for their generous grant in the amount of $30,000 in support of all School District students!


A generous $20,000 grant from Adobe is allowing us to provide special curriculum and professional development opportunites for students, staff & educators.

We are grateful to Adobe for being a valued partner in our local community.

Academic Leadership

Teach Town Curriculum
Professional Development