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"The San Mateo-Foster City School District educates, inspires and empowers every student in every school every day to live, lead and learn with integrity and joy.

The San Mateo-Foster City School District provides rigorous, high quality and equitable education while partnering with our families and community to support all students to achieve their full academic, social and emotional potential.

Our schools successfully educate approximately 11,000 students in preschool through eighth grades in 21 outstanding public schools located in San Mateo and Foster City. Students are educated to high, challenging academic standards and are prepared to be socially responsible, contributing members of our community."

Volunteer to be a School Liaison

Be an advocate for your school and the Education Foundation

School Liaisons connect us with local schools, helping to promote programs and events in order to help us achieve our mission and goals.

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About the School District

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Elementary Schools (TK-5)
  • Audubon
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    Audubon Elementary School Logo
  • Baywood
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    Baywood Elementary School Logo
  • Beach Park
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    Beach Park Elementary School Logo
  • Beresford
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    Beresford Elementary School Logo
  • Brewer Island
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    Brewer Island Elementary School Logo
  • College Park
  • Liaison needed

    College Park Elementary School Logo
  • Fiesta Gardens
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    Fiesta Gardens Elementary School Logo
  • Foster City
  • Liaison needed

    Foster City Elementary Logo
  • George Hall
  • Liaison needed

    George Hall Elementary School Logo
  • Highlands
  • Liaison needed

    Highlands Elementary School Logo
  • Laurel
  • Liaison needed

    Laurel Elementary School Logo
  • Lead
  • Liaison needed

    Lead Elementary School Logo
  • Meadow Heights
  • Liaison needed

    Meadow Heights Elementary School Logo
  • San Mateo Park
  • Liaison needed

    San Mateo Park Elementary School Logo
  • Sunnybrae
  • Liaison needed

    Sunnybrae Elementary School Logo

Middle Schools (6-8)
  • Abbott
  • Liaison needed

    Abbott Middle School Logo
  • Borel
  • Liaison needed

    Borel Middle School Logo
  • Bowditch
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    Bowditch Middle School Logo

K-8 Schools
  • Bayside Academy (STEAM K-5 | STEM 6-8)
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    Bayside STEM Academy Logo
  • North Shoreview Montessori (K-8)
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    North Shoreview Montessori School Logo
  • Parkside Montessori (TK-6*)
  • Liaison needed

    Parkside Montessori School Logo